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  • Legend of the Red Dragon [LORD] (+)(-)
    Are you a magic user, a thief or a warrior? Be the first to defeat the legendary Red Dragon and impress all your friends. Live the legend, play LORD now!

    You wake up early, strap your sword to your back, and head out to the Town Square seeking adventure, fame, and honor. You have always wanted to explain the unexplainable. To understand the powerful forces that rule the earth. To tame the beast that oversees all things. Of course, having the power to burn someone by making a gesture wouldn't hurt.

  • Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World [LORD2] (+)(-)
    As a follow-up to Legend of the Red Dragon, no one was expecting such a radical departure in approach and style as they got in New World. A massive world map permits movement between numerous cities and regions and involvement in their respective political intrigues (and outright military campaigns!) against each other; alternately, a player wishing to fish on the end of the dock or collect berries for mom to bake into pie can happily play on that scale as long as they like.

    There's no shortage of quests and no lack of opportunities to increase experience through the slaying of random encounters. On the other hand if you prefer you can just sit around the tavern or picnic blanket and chew the fat with your buddies, exchanging comments and trading curious items acquired in your journeys.

  • MZK LORD (+)(-)
    Now the adventure of a lifetime is even more fun than before!

    Nasty non-playing characters, dirty tricks, evil deeds, the dragon, greedy tax collectors, fun mail codes and much more!

  • Planets: The Exploration of Space [TEOS] (+)(-)
    This is a space drama that revolves around the interplanetary trading of goods. The main game play involves players buying items from one space station and transporting their purchases to another in hopes of selling the them at a profit.

    Players can purchase expansions to their ship, including more cargo bays, fighters drones (what players use to defend themselves), and shield batteries (when shields reach zero during battle, the player loses.) The ultimate goal of the game is to become powerful, taking over planets, buying bigger ships, and defeating NPCs and other players in space combat.

  • Operation: Overkill II [OOII] (+)(-)
    Set in the year 2060, a post-apocalyptic earth has been invaded by a group of aliens called Hydrites, led by a commander known as "Overkill," in order to seize the Earth's supply of "water crystals."

    The player's character is a soldier in the human resistance. The goal is to survive by finding food and water crystals, to battle mutants and other creatures, and eventually to eliminate the Overkill commander.

  • Trade Wars 2002 [TW2002] (+)(-)
    The tenth best PC game ever, according to PCWorld Magazine! Trade Wars 2002 is a classic space trading game where the player is a trader in a galaxy with a fixed set of other players (either human or computer). The players seek to gain control of a limited set and amount of resources (specifically fuel ore, organics, and equipment) and travel through sectors of the galaxy trading them for money or undervalued resources.

    Players use their wealth to upgrade their spaceship with better weapons and defenses and fight for control of planets and starbases.

    NB: The Trade Wars 2002 is hosted by Brokedown Palace Reprise, and SysOp Shaggy who has generously allowed BBSlink to connect to it. It is of course dependent on the Trade Wars server running which BBSlink is unable to guarantee.

  • Global War (+)(-)
    Global War is a game based on the board game Risk. In this adaptation you compete against other players for world domination. The globe is divided into six continents, with a total of 42 countries. The first player to conquer all 42 nations wins the game.
  • Global Backgammon (+)(-)
    Global Backgammon is actually two games in one: Backgammon and Acey-Deucy. The game of Acey-Deucy is similar to Backgammon, with a few rule changes. Luck can play a big part in Acey-deucy, but there is an additional skill in controlling entry: a man held back is invulnerable and can strike a blot as the opponent is poised to bear off.
  • Usurper (+)(-)
    Welcome to Usurper, a fantasy game filled with fast paced action, violence and instant death. This game has only one purpose: to give you a good time without the need of reading any lengthy documentation.
  • Barren Realms Elite (+)(-)
    Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war game. The setting is in the future -- nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet, and now only a vast barren void exists. As a baron under a great king, you must expand your barony throughout the planet and become the ultimate baron.
  • Falcon's Eye (+)(-)
    Set in a medieval world, Falcon's Eye is the ultimate in mythical strategy war-gaming.
  • Falcon's Honor (+)(-)
    An interactive role playing adventure, Falcon's Honor is set in a fantasy world in medieval times. The player's goal is to win honors from as many families as possible, and the routes to do this are extensive. Simple by design, the game is geared to players who enjoy the atmosphere and style of role playing games.
  • The Arcadian Legends (+)(-)
    The Arcadian Legends is a war game designed around empire building. Giving the player control of a variety of aspects of his or her empire, the game allows the player to set his or her priorities and build an empire to their personal liking. The choice must be made between war, trade, diplomacy, expansion, research and more.
  • DoorMUD (+)(-)
    DoorMUD is a high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon) featuring fast-paced real-time combat, excellent multinode interaction, a high-powered command interface and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for players to explore.
  • Pimp Wars (+)(-)
    Saving a failing restaurant may sound like a peculiar premise for a game, but any skepticism is forgotten at this diversion's base recipe for its salvation: to raise enough capital ($5 million) to purchase Flaming Sheinen's grill outright, you must take to the streets and delegate the revenue-generation to a small army of ladies of the night, who you will manage toward optimal profitability. While it's a strange formula it's also a straightforward one - and it can't be denied that this game's lurid approach to supply-side economics is more titillating than your run-of-the-mill industry simulator.
  • Lunatix (+)(-)
    Lunatix is a wild & crazy adventure inside an Insane Asylum. In this game you can flirt with the nurse, fight against shadow monsters, kill other players in the game, visit Sigmund's Therapy Lounge, create potions and attempt to escape (just to name a few things).
  • NetRunner (+)(-)
    NetRunner is the first BBS game that even comes close to simulating 'cyberdecking' as described in "Neuromancer" by William Gibson or the game "ShadowRun" by FASA. NetRunner is designed to ruthlessly challenge its players, this game is NOT easy!
  • Assassin (+)(-)
    Assassin is a medieval adventure game where you must pursue and assassinate your victim.
  • BBS Crash (+)(-)
    As you begin, you will find yourself at an MS-DOS style DOS prompt. The object of the game is to make yourself as big a nuisance to as many people as you can in as short a time possible. You will infiltrate telecommunications services, hack the accounts of other BBSlink users, and contact Hackers Anonymous to get help increasing your skills.
  • Virtual Sysop (+)(-)
    Virtual Sysop III is a game of BBS and sysop simulation. Work hard to build up your BBS, answer mail, upload files, buy modems, hire workers, hack into other BBSes. Can yours be the #1 BBS?
  • The Pit (+)(-)
    Regal City had a problem. Thieves and vagrants owned the streets, tormenting honest merchants and ambushing visitors. And if that wasn't bad enough, those few honest citizens that could swing swords were teaming up into gangs of vigilantes, adding to the violence.

    In a fit of desperation, King Reginald Hornbluff cleared out the dust and debris from the town square and constructed a huge arena. Then, he issued an invitation for the thieves and vigilantes to meet in the town square and settle their differences publicly. This appealed to the egos of both groups; they agreed to appear.

    On the night of the big event, the stands were packed with innocent townspeople wanting revenge. King Hornbluff was not a stupid man, he charged the townspeople 3 gold pieces a head to watch the fight and sold sausages and beer at an outrageous markup.

    The first battle between the thieves and the vigilantes was bloody, violent, and extremely profitable. So profitable in fact, Hornbluff scheduled a rematch. As time passed, the duels in the arena became more and more popular. Young men who would have turned to thievery now became gladiators, earning fame, glory, and no small amount of gold.

    Hornbluff sent his men to capture monsters from the surrounding territory to challenge these warriors. After many years, Hornbluff added dungeons to keep all of his pets.

    Today Regal City is a legend. Warriors come from all around for a chance at honor, glory, and a quick buck. Hornbluff's Arena, known simply as The Pit, features battles between some of the strangest and most powerful creatures in the land.

    Rumor has it that even the Gods themselves will visit to smash foolish mortals wishing to challenge them.

    These fights are profitable, but usually very short.

    And that's where you come in: a lowly farmer's boy ready to seek his fortune in Regal City. You've done odd jobs along the way, sweeping stables and tending livestock, and you've saved every penny for a sword and armor once you get there.

    Maybe one day you'll become one of the true legends, an Immortal. Or perhaps just a dark spot on the floor to be swept away with the sawdust.

    Either way, it's in your hands.

  • Bordello (+)(-)
    Run your own whore house and fight against other players! Steal money, whores, destroy other houses, fight with opponents thugs, and much more!
  • Junkyard (+)(-)
    A completely new door unlike anything you have played before. Players scrounge the junkyard looking for items to sell. Lots of neat options including attacking other players, a junkyard stock market, weapons protection, hiring helpers, and much more!
  • Murder Motel (+)(-)
    A death-match-style door game in which the player checks into a hotel and tries to find and kill other players while eluding death themselves.
  • Dark Lands (+)(-)
    Dark Lands is a RPG game where players can choose over 12 races and over 60 sub-races each with their own skills. They can also build their own cities, make war, battle each other and go on quests.
  • Hackin' Crackin' (+)(-)
    An on-line game similar to the classic Master Mind game. Try to guess the four color code the computer generates based on clues given with black and white pegs!
  • Mega Slots (+)(-)
    Looking for Inter-BBS game play and feelin' lucky? Want to be "Top Dog" and earn the bragging rights of being the best gambler without going to the Casinos? Try your hand at Mega Slots!
  • Fresh Water Fishing Simulator (+)(-)
    Sail a boat around various bodies of freshwater with the arrow keys and see what comes up when the fishing line is cast into the blue deep, after situating near the desired water depth and bottom conditions and selecting an appropriate type and size of lure and line retrieval speed. Elements of strategy come into play when deciding whether to give a struggling fish slack or not, while the calm fisherman must have quick twitch reflexes to capitalise on a fish's idle nibble.
  • Lemonade (+)(-)
    Run your own lemonade stand!
  • Dungeon Master (+)(-)
    On-Line RPG - breaks the high-speed barrier with SOLID 3-D ANSI polygon dungeons, awesome ANSI graphics, and sound. Visually face opponents with this power-packed online game environment complete with three pre-built adventures. Build your own COMPLETE RPGs with the Construction Set, also included. Tired of menu-driven games? Check THIS out!
  • BCR Door Server (+)(-)
    We have a direct link to the Black Country Rock (BCR) Door Server by Shooter Jennings.
  • Darkness 2.0 (+)(-)
    Darkness is a competitive multi-player action role-playing BBS “door” game based on the Legend of the Red Dragon style of game play, featuring a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting.

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