Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is BBSlink located?
  • I am personally located in Worcestershire, England. The BBSlink server is currently located in Italy.
  • What time zone does BBSlink use?
  • Eastern Time Zone (with daylight savings changes).
    This was a difficult decision to make, but I went with this as most players are going to be located in the US, and the Eastern time zone is the most populous US time zone. Source
  • Can I connect directly to BBSlink to play door games?
  • No, you can only connect to the server through an existing BBS. You can find a list of participating BBSes here
  • How does BBSlink work?
  • The originating BBS sends its name and your user number on that board to the BBSlink server, then connects to it by telnet. This then drops you into the door game you chose.
  • What software does the BBSlink server use?
  • It is based on Synchronet BBS for Linux which has been heavily modified for BBSlink. Work has been done with the original Synchronet source code (C++), and also in Javascript and PHP. However, any BBS software can connect to the server.
  • How much information does BBSlink get from the originating BBS?
  • All we receive is your user number on the system. We do not get your password, location or even your real name/handle.
  • How does BBSlink make money?
  • It doesn't! I operate it myself as a hobby and it doesn't cost a great deal to run. The ads on this site go some way to help pay for the server, but I fund the rest.
  • How can I help support BBSlink?
  • You are very welcome to make a PayPal donation or by Buy Me A Coffee, however small. A dollar or two would be very much appreciated! See the 'Donate' on the right hand side.

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