BBS List

Here is a current list of BBSes that use BBSlink:

Please note that this list has changed and only includes BBSes that have connected to BBSlink in the last three months. If your BBS is not listed, please connect to any door and check back to see if the list has been updated.

BBS Name Location Address
Toxic Laboratory BBS Birmingham, UK toxicbbs.com
Capitol Shrill BBS Washington DC capitolshrill.com
Mtlgeek Montreal, Canada mtlgeek.synchro.net
Crazy World BBS Quebec, Canada crazyworldbbs.com
The Gate BBS Cherryville, NC thegateb.synchro.net
Battlestar BBS Warminster, PA battlestarbbs.dyndns.org
Decker's Heaven Gainesville, FL bbs.deckersheaven.com
Efectolinux BBS Puerto Rico bbs.efectolinux.com
Blackfair's Manor Lancaster, PA blackf.synchro.net
The Wastelands BBS Copperopolis, CA wastelands-bbs.net
RetroDigital BBS Calgary, Canada bbs.retrodigital.net
Cyberia BBS Kingwood, TX cyberia.darktech.org
Archaic Binary BBS Orlando, FL bbs.archaicbinary.net
Tardis BBS Lancashire, UK bbs.cortex-media.info:4223
Lunatic Fringe Vancouver, Canada lunatic.zapto.org
Prison Board BBS Mesquite, TX pbmystic.rdfig.net:24
Haunting the Chapel Chicago, IL htc.zapto.org
Kuehlbox Frankfurt, Germany kuehlbox.wtf
Datanet Melbourne, Australia datanetbbs.net
Oxford Mills Remote Campbellford, ON, Canada oxfordmi.synchro.net
Alcoholiday South Carolina alky.duckdns.org
The Penalty Box Peoria, IL pbox.no-ip.org
realitycheckBBS Aptos, CA realitycheckbbs.org
The Silent Strike Peoria, AZ bbs.thesilentstrike.com
Electronic Warfare BBS Vincennes, IN bbs.ewbbs.net
Error 404 Perrysburg, OH error404bbs.ddns.net:404
Alpha Centauri BBS Cape Cod, MA acentauribbs.no-ip.org
SLiME CiTY BBS Sweden bbs.retrohack.se
flupH West Virginia fluph.darktech.org
Aleco Experience BBS Prague, Czech Republic bbs.alecoexp.cz
Galadin Brazil galadin.net
SmokyThing BBS San Antonio, TX inflecto.org
The Bit Bucket Wainwright, AB, Canada bbs.thebitbucket.ca
Xibalba Utah xibalba.l33t.codes:44510
Dogtown BBS Venice/LA, CA bbs.kiwi.net
The Outwest BBS Clearfield, UT outwestbbs.com
Section One BBS Williamstown, NJ section1bbs.com
Legends of Yesteryear Huntsville, AL loybbs.net
Immortal's Domain Pleasant Grove, UT immortalsdomain.com
The Horizon BBS Huntington Beach, CA bbs.horizonbbs.com
Necronomicon BBS New Bedford, MA necrobbs.strangled.net
fORCE9 BBS London, UK bbs.force9.org
The Underground BBS Evansville, IN x.theundergroundbbs.net
2nd Choice Core Ashburton, New Zealand 2ndchoicecore.ddns.net:1024
The Pharcyde Pewaukee, WI bbs.pharcyde.org
Distortion Asheville, NC d1st.org
Digital Distortion BBS Hillsboro, OR digitaldistortionbbs.com
Zenolab San Juan, PR zenolab.synchro.net
Black Sun BBS Little Rock, AR blacksunbbs.ddns.net
Lightning BBS Pleasant Grove, UT lightningbbs.com
Valhalla II Richmond, VA bbs.valhallahomeservices.com
Castle Rock BBS Rio Rancho, NM bbs.castlerockbbs.com
A 90's Manila BBS Singapore a90smanilabbs.ddns.net
iNK tWO bbs Covina, CA bbs.inktwo.com
Leisure Time BBS New Baden, IL bbs.riddells.net:10023
Aliens' Abode! Philippines aliens.free.net.ph
Amiga City South San Francisco, CA amigacity.xyz
Death Gate BBS Newport Beach, CA sbbs.sytes.net
Two Dudes BBS Grand Rapids, MI twodudesbbs.com
UserClub BBS Jacksonville, NC userclub-bbs.com
Dock Sud BBS Buenos Aires, Argentina bbs.docksud.com.ar
Another Droid BBS Greece andr01d.zapto.org:9999
1st Choice Core Ashburton, New Zealand 1stchoicecore.co.nz
Linux Inside BBS Canada linuxinsidebbs.com
Backwood Realm BBS Bedford, IN bwrbbs.ddns.net
Back to the Future Pennsylvania bttfbbs.com
KernelError Networks BBS USA bbs.kernelerror.com:10023
Flashback BBS Greece flashbackbbs.sytes.net:6502
Sloane BBS Atlanta, GA sloanebbs.com:2323
8-Bit Boyz Rio Rancho, NM 8bitboyz.bbs.io:6502
aBSiNTHE BBS Raleigh, NC absinthe.darktech.org
CyberBBS WHQ Lindale, TX whq.cyberbbs.com
The Fishingnet France fishingnet.phatstar.org
Undercurrents BBS Seattle, WA bbs.undercurrents.io:8888
The Wrong Number ][ BBS Yorktown Heights, NY wn2.duckdns.org
PlaneT Afr0 Virginia Beach, VA cetialphafive.com:8888
Bit's Lair BBS Madrid bitslair.voidlabs.com
The Quantum Wormhole Ramsgate, UK bbs.erb.pw
Freeside BBS Monroe, OH freeside.bbs.io
Second Coming BBS Kankakee, IL scbbs.ddns.net:6400
Reign of Fire BBS Milwauke, WI rofbbs.ddns.net:2300
Heights BBS Tucson, AZ heightsbbs.heightspc.net:6860
The Bottomless Abyss BBS Quebec City, Canada bbs.bottomlessabyss.net
The Realm of Serion Cloquet, MN connect.serionbbs.com
The Pirates Cove BBS USA picovebbs.com
SonicBBS Beverley, UK sonicbbs.ddns.net:23
T311NET Ontario, Canada t311net.ddns.net
Unleashed Washington, IL dns.unleashedinet.org:23
Mutiny Cleveland, OH mutinybbs.com:2332
Infoline BBS Prague, Czech Republic ltcxyz.eu:2323
War Ensemble BBS Appleton, WI warensemble.com
PBSync Prison BBS Mesquite, TX wcalt.rdfig.net:2424
Veleno BBS Rovereto, Italy telnet.velenobbs.net
Dwarrowdelf BBS Syracuse, NY dwabbs.ddns.net
SiliconUnderground Rochester, NY siliconu.com
Analog Waffle Baltimore, MD waffle.c4bmore.com:2001
Dave's BBS Marbury, AL www.davesbbs.com
Hard Drive Cafe Montgomery, AL hdcbbs.com
The ROCK BBS III Indiana, USA therockbbs.net:10023
-X-caliber BBS Detroit, MI bbs.aholix.net:6800
Echo Base BBS Gerolstein, Germany
SBB Systems London, UK bbs.sbbsystems.com
Made to Raid USA bbs.madetoraid.com:2323
Raiders Inc BBS Wichita, KS vintagebbsing.com:1337
Chris BBS Rutland, VT its a private bbs
Retro Wiki South San Francisco, CA retrowiki.synchronetbbs.org
Telegard PB Mesquite, TX wcalt.rdfig.net
Enigma Unknown dreamenigma.com
TCS Online Pittsburgh, PA bbs.trianglecloud.xyz
Moderate Chaos Watauga, TX bbs.moderatechaos.com:2323
broadmine USA enigma-thwpdzqqwq.dynamic-m.com:8888
KrAABy Gamer BBS Frankfurt, DE kraaby.synchronetbbs.org
Southern Harmony Birmingham, AL bbs.southernharmony.net
Retro Shenanigans Gulf Coast, AL bbs.arcadeshenanigans.com
Southern Charm BBS Plano, TX southerncharmbbs.com
Thunder BBS Danielsville, PA thunderbbs.asuscomm.com:2323

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